I am a real fan of Howard Gardner’s Multiple intelligences and the notion that all children learn in different ways. I have used this theory in many assignments to justify the use and benefits of a range of activities which use as many of these intelligences as possible. This video further examples my original understanding of Howard Gardener’s theory.

After reading further on this theory I understand that I have been assuming that multiple intelligences are directly related to learning styles. One problem with this idea is, as a teacher will I ever know for sure the preferred learning styles of my students. I can have a good guess, but I probably won’t ever know for sure. I could ask the students themselves, but they might not know either.

In considering this, it will be important for me to continue to use a range of these intelligences for teaching and to avoid labeling a child with an assumed preferred learning style. If this theory interests you, please read Louise’s blog post here, which outlines the potential this theory has when effectively implemented into the classroom.

Craig, N. (2009, December 6). Multiple Intelligences [Video File]. Video posted to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBbmerzR2JI