I never realised how many ICTs I actually use in my day to day life. Ranging from my laptop, mobile phone, email, Facebook, camera, Ipad and GPS. The list is just never ending.

Now prepare yourself for the eradication of the USB. Just last year I came across Dropbox, which I have on my Ipad and laptop. Within this App I have created a shared ‘box’ (almost like ‘documents’ on a computer) which allows me to connect my Ipad to my Computer. Any documents I ‘drop’ into this box automatically sends them to my computer, which are downloaded automatically the next time my computer is on. I have also created a ‘box’ with my sister, which allows us to share music, pictures, documents, practically anything we want.

How productive could this App be if it was incorporated into the classroom? The benefits could include allowing students to create shared boxes with the teacher and other students to share classroom resources and submit classroom work. My only concern with this idea is that students may go off task sharing things that are not classroom related, like funny photos or the latest game cheats, etc…

I am really keen to hear if anyone has used or seen this App used in a classroom, so please let me know if you or anyone you know has.  I really believed if used properly this App could be a great help in the classroom. If you want to learn more about this App and create an account for it go here or alternatively view the video below. This App is a real life saver and a time saver as well.

DropDaBox. (2009, November 16). Dropbox Intro Video [Video File]. Video posted to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4eTR7tci6A