In consideration of the table/model adapted from Finger, et al. (2007), I believe I would sit at the Investigation Stage of teacher development. I am aware of the importance of ICT integration in teaching, but I am only just beginning to incorporate ICTs.

I am very interested and motivated about the use of ICTs. I am also very confident in incorporating ICTs, but I just haven’t had the opportunities to incorporate them as frequently as I would like to. Mainly due to ICT malfunctions or broken ICTs waiting to be repaired. But this is not an excuse! I need to learn about other easily accessible ICTs and learn how to use them so I can competently and confidently incorporate more ICTs into the classroom.

To me teaching and learning experiences involving ICTs look like engaged students, who are having fun, who are making meaningful connection to others and who are learning new knowledge. Here are 45 interesting ways to use a Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom, which have the potential to achieve this goal. A phone or a camera would probably be more ideal ICTs to use, as they may be more accessible and a cheaper option.