As part of the 8 Themes Activity on EDC3100’s Learning Path I came across this ICT called Stormboard.

For a quick overview – Stormboard in 60 seconds:

Available on any mobile device (i.e. iPad, computer, phone), Stormboard acts as a virtual, online whiteboard. The ‘team’ or classroom can edit their stormboard at any time, by sharing their ideas and questions as part of collaboration and inquiry, using the virtual sticky notes feature. This is not limited to plain written text, it can include posting pictures, videos or web links as well. For each idea posted there is also an opportunity for the team to make comments and also vote on the ideas. Stormboard also incorporates another feature which allows you to generate ‘innovation’ reports, to save as a spreadsheet or PDF.

I can see this application being used in all year levels, but of course for different purposes. For example, in an early primary context this could be used to decide on what book they are going to read next as a class and what type of activities/s they would like to do using this book. Where as in a secondary context, this application could be used by the students to share resources or ideas for an assignment they are to complete.

Examples can be found on Stormboard’s Facebook Page here.

Student Benefits:

Firstly this application can ensure that all students have a say in a collaborative context. Secondly, by having the opportunity to share resources, it can increase student learning, opening them up to different perspectives and ideas. Lastly, it can also be used to give students an opportunity to influence what they do in class and how they will learn a new concept. This directly supports authentic learning, which increases student motivation and engagement in learning.

OH NO!                             

A possible implication with this application is the fact that anyone in the classroom can edit what has been shared on the Stormboard. To avoid incidents with this type of application, the teacher would have to vigilantly monitor what is being shared and ensure that it is only accessed when the whole class is using it at the same time.

If you would like to learn more go here.

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