As you can see above I have created a mind map, using Mindmeister to share my reasons for why I think it is important for ICTs to be used effectively in school.

I started with a reason I saw just the other day, ‘…because I have to…’. As you can see I have placed a red x next to this reason. I’m not saying that this reason is incorrect, but to me there are better reasons to justify incorporating ICTs.

I then went on to add reasons including to help students become successful learners, which was inspired by the Melbourne Declaration and to promote equity. This then linked to communicating with others, authentic learning, improving results, developing higher-order thinking skills and learning how to be organised. These topics then branched off into other sub reasons for integrating ICTs into the classroom.

This activity has really helped me to understand all of the information which is floating around in my head and has helped me to link the ideas that I have so far. I really like Alysha’s idea to

post another concept map that reflects my new learning and ideas

at the end of the semester.

My initial ideas about what mind maps could be used for was pretty much limited to organising ideas and taking notes. However after doing a bit of searching, I found this YouTube clip which is the first in a series of videos, which uses a mind map to visually explore understanding and speaking English. I could see this video being used in distance education, but also in a lower primary class to explore tenses (i.e. past, present and future).

Learn English Language Via Mind Maps. (2012, December 16). English Language Via Mind Maps 1 – Exercise 1 [Video File]. Video posted to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndhIhgoOR1E