As encouraged by one of the activities this week I went searching for a teachers blog. Someone who is focused around Prep – Year 7 and who effectively integrates ICT. Much to my delight, I found the Literacy Shed, which was created by a primary school teacher in 2012. This website is a collection of wonderful resources for teaching literacy, resources which include many different ICTs, such as, blog’s, music video clips, animations, iPads, etc… The creator of this page has collected most of these resources over his ten years of teaching, with some resources being contributed by other classroom teachers.

The Literacy Shed also offers links to the ‘Non-Literacy Shed’, which is resources for other KLAs and the ‘Numeracy Shed’ which includes resources for mathematics.

There is just so much this website offers, it would take me a whole day to have a look at everything. It’s a good thing that all of the resources have been categorised under simple and straight-forward headings. I am already planning on using one idea from this website for my online artifact. It is well worth your while to check out this website.

While reading some of posts of the fellow EDC3100 students I follow, I came across a blog post by Anne Sutton, she talked about and linked to a Teaching and Learning Adviser blog by David Kapuler, which listed

50 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling

. These are some really great resources as well which might come in handy for my artifact as well. Enjoy!!