Earlier in the week I say this blog post in my Facebook feed which had been liked by my Year 11 and 12 English teacher. When I first read this blog post, I thought “oh that is so true”, however when I read through the comments I realised that I had made a mistake in assuming something that wasn’t true.

In short this blog post entitled “14 Things That Are Obsolete in 21st Century Schools”, as its name suggests talks about things that are obsolete in 21st century schools. The problem I have with this is the word ‘are’, because some of the ideas in the blog post cannot be true. For example, apparently computer rooms are now obsolete with the argument that ICTs should not be a specific subject, but integrated into all subject areas. I totally agree with this, but if every school removed their computer labs, there will probably be no computers left in the school because there may only be 1 or 2 computers in each class or none at all. Maybe some schools would be able to do this, but definitely not all of them, so I don’t think computer rooms have become obsolete just yet…maybe in another 10 years.

In saying this, I do agree with the idea that buying school advertising has become obsolete. I’m pretty sure the students in any year level would be more than capable and excited to design and create the schools advertising products (i.e. brochures, posters and website).

Although there are some contentious points, this blog post is truly a great read. If the title to “14 Things That Will Become Obsolete in the Near Future”, I probably wouldn’t have a single argument against this blog post. Enjoy!