While doing the readings in another course I am completing (EDX2190), I came across this really cool website, “Australia by Song”. This website provides a list of traditional and contemporary songs which are about, or mention Australian towns and locations. The list is categorised by state, then by towns and locations. It includes details about the songs, including lyrics, artists names and where you can purchase the songs.

I decided to choose a song. So living in Queensland I selected Queensland on the Map of Australia. Which then took me to a page of songs mentioning towns and locations in Queensland. Since I live in Brisbane I then choose a song listed under this section. The song I chose is “ Brisbane Ladies” (AKA. “The Drover”, “Ladies of Brisbane” & “Augathella Station”). This song is a traditional bush ballad from the 1890s and it thought to be composed by Saul Mendelsohn.

This website is a really great resource to use when teaching History, in pretty much any year level. You would be able to find at least one song which you could link to at least one content descriptor and possibly begin a unit of work with. As these songs would provide an interesting and engaging task for students to be involved with. For example this song could be used to begin exploration of ‘The Australian Colonies’ Unit in Year 5, by connecting to the experiences of drovers during the 1800s, which are expressed in this song.

Kells, S. (2011, June 27). Brisbane Ladies [Video File]. Video posted to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOVr4B5Z28Q