Again looking for ICT inspiration I decided to look at all the new things Goggle where creating. While doing this I came across the old version of GeoGuessor (the new version can be found here), which was created by Anton Wallen in 2013. This game uses Goggle Maps street views to virtually place you in an unknown location. Your task is to then identify your location by placing a mark on a small map on the top right hand side of the page. This game provides a significant amount of interaction, allowing you to rotate the view 360 degrees and move towards and further away from objects. Here is an example of how to use the game:

When I first tried this game, my strategies where to look at the environment and take a guess at where the location is. As I continued to play I came up with strategies like look at the signs, the type of cars, language and landmarks. For one of the pictures I was actually able to identify its exact location by first recognising that the tree was a Gumtree and secondly I looked at the car which was a Toyota Troop Carrier and then I looked at the bright sandy coloured road (i.e. desert). So I guessed it was Western Australia and I was exactly right. This game would be such a fun way to introduce geography topics if you were looking at other countries around the world. The only limitation is that you can’t control what set of pictures you get in the ‘World’ version and so far they have only created individual sets for Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden. However, I’m thinking if you contacted the creator via the email address presented on the bottom of this page, you might be able to get access to creating your own. I wonder if any teachers have looked into this yet…

This is so much fun! Have a go and see what strategies you can come up with. There is even an option to challenge your friends by sharing a URL via Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more. So if you dare challenge me!

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