So here it is, my artefact for assignment 1 all ready to go.

Hopefully all of the year 6C parents and guardians will be feeling much more supportive of ICTs being used to teach their students after viewing this artefact.

I really had my ups and downs getting this done, but I am very happy with my finished product. I can definitely say that even though I could be identified as a technology ‘native’, this really tested me at times. At least now I can say, that I am very confident with creating websites and uploading various ICTs to a website, let alone creating videos with multiple different computer software.

I even had a stab at using one of my iPads apps to create a video, unfortunately I couldn’t upload the finished product because it was playing too fast and the app wouldn’t allow me to slow it down. So I ended up taking the photos I took with this app and putting them all onto my computer to use in another program. But I got there in the end and one thing I got out of this error was to make sure you gives students a chance to do a complete test run or draft when they use are using new technologies to do an assignment. Enjoy!

Just to make sure it can be accessed: