As a part of my Assignment 1 artefact, I created a video about how Comments4Kids can be used and the potential it has to connect students to experts (specifically authors).

Being my usual shy self I was a bit worried about having to make my artefact videos public so they could be viewed on the website I created, but I did it anyway. Forgetting how quickly things spread on the web, I was a bit taken aback when I received a notification saying that someone had commented on one of my YouTube videos. To my wonderful surprise I had received a comment on my Comments4kids Video from William Chamberlain who is one of the founders of Comments4Kids. As well as thanking me for creating the video, he also provided me with a link to an article called “Authentic Audience”, which provided an example of what I had hoped would happen through Comments4Kids. A Year 4 student had blogged about Peter Reynolds’s story “The Dot and Ish” and had received a comment from the author himself.

I can definitely say that this comment made my day and it goes to show that ICTs really can provide authentic learning and can open students up to learning in so many new ways.

Salvesani, S. (2014, March 23). Comments4Kids Video [Video File]. Video posted to