Today I was having an interesting discussion with my parents about the relatively new MasterCard Pay Pass, where you pay for things by tapping your card, instead of inserting it or swiping it into the EFTPOS machine. I’m sure everyone would have to know about this by now, but if not have a look at the video below.

Anyway, it got me thinking whether we will actually need ATMs in 10 years (or less) to draw out money. Then I realised that if we no longer needed ATMs, then we would no longer need money, as in physical notes and coins. What a sad day it will be when this happens L I remember the day I held a $100 note for the first time, unfortunately it was my mum’s, but it was still a great day.

This discussion with my parents then got me thinking back to one of the activities in EDC3100s Week 1 Learning Path and I started to wonder if ATMs are considered as an ICT. Knowing that ICTs are Information Communication Technologies (hence the name), I originally thought no they can’t be because no one can communicate to other people with them. But then again the machine is providing information to me about how much money I have in my bank account and it does this by visually communicating to me. quest

If anyone can answer my question, please do. I am going to seriously kick myself if one day a student asks me this question.

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