When I started thinking about what learning experiences I could provide in my unit of work, I never thought to go to Google for some ideas of what other teachers have done. I always seem to forget the simple things. Before I decided to go exploring, I had considered exploring Australian and International celebrations and commemorations by:

  1. Considering what commemorations/celebrations students know of.
  2. Exploring the origins of ANZAC Day (since it is so close), National Reconciliation Week, Independence Day (USA) and the Chinese New Year.
  3. Exploring the symbols and emblems attached to these commemorations/celebrations and the significance they have to different cultures.
  4. Comparing the commemorations/celebrations to identify how and why they are different to each other.
  5. Exploring how they might connect to us individually and as a community.

First I went to the Australian Curriculum and looked at the Year 3 Work Sample Portfolios. Similar to my idea, but on a smaller scale the example had used three 1 hour lessons to explore the origins and symbols attached to ANZAC Day and then students created an invitation to their school ANZAC Day Service.

Secondly, I went to Scootle and found a range of different resources and ideas which might come in handy when I write my unit of work.

Considering how close it is to ANZAC Day, I am considering engaging students in my unit of work by linking it the schools ANZAC Day Service and then showing a stimulus like this picture, to engage the students.

I then came across this Unit of Work on Scootle. Even though this unit of plan was meant to be connected to the content descriptors I chose from the Australian Curriculum, I don’t think it had a clear connection at all. What a shame…

I then came across a number of different websites linked to ANZAC Day, although I probably won’t include these in my unit plan, because it is too specific (i.e. it’s not a lesson plan). I will save them to my Diigo account, just in case I ever have to teach these lesson in the future: Sites2See, Gallipoli Boat & Gallipoli the First Day.

Just on a normal Google search I came across this Celebrations and Commemorations Pack, which is an illustrated storybook which has been written to align with the Australian Curriculum, combining Year 3 literacy and History. Although this again is just a resource, it gave me an idea for the summative assessment piece for my unit.

Well I haven’t had too much success just quite yet with inspiration for my unit of work. But I did come across some very useful resources, which I might need to use in the future.