As Kylie has expressed perfectly, assignment 2 has indeed come around quickly. As of tomorrow, I have 2 weeks to finish and submit this assignment. So far I have completed Stage 1 and 2 of the unit plan and half of stage 3 of the unit plan. I have also completed my summative assessment task sheet, but I will probably go back to it and alter it slightly at a later date.

In the next couple of days, I am hoping to complete my unit plan and also my rubric. But I am currently stuck with the rubric. I’m hoping that maybe someone who reads posts may be able to help me, if not I will just have to go to the assignment 2 forum.

So here is my question: Are we meant to form our own rubric or use the exact rubric (relevant standards) provided by QSA? I remember my tutor saying that we don’t develop one at all, we just use the one provided by the QSA, which can be found here. However, this seems to easy and this usually means that I have interpreted something wrong. If any one is reading this, please help me if you can. Thanks, Sophie.