So as of this afternoon I have completed my unit plan, task sheet and rubric for assignment 2. Similar to Alysha at first I struggled to include ICTs in my unit plan. However, I think my problem was actually thinking creatively about how ICTs could be used to develop student understanding of the topics I chose. In saying this, I do find myself continuously going back to the SAMR Model information and checking to see if I have used ICTs for a range of purposes across this model. Here is the 120 second explanation of the SAMR Model, if anyone needs a recap:

So all that is left for me to complete is the 500 word justification, I think this is going to be quite an interesting and beneficial component as it will no doubt strengthen my understanding of why and how educators should use ICTs in the classroom.

Candace, M. (2013, May 30). SAMR in 120 Seconds [Video File]. Retrieved from