I was thinking about some of the ICTs I had put into my unit plan for assignment 2. As my summative assessment for the unit, students will be creating a multimodal presentation using Photo Story 3. Since students will be completing this assessment at school, it got me thinking about the programs that are available on school computers. Understanding that for school ICT staff to download a new software on each computer, would be very time consuming. It got me thinking about whether it would be more beneficial and easier to use an online presentation software instead.

While looking for some online presentation software, I came across Google Presentation which is available through Google Drive. It is pretty much the same as Microsoft PowerPoint, as you combine text, picture and videos to create a slide presentation. If you are interested in learning more HERE are nine simple steps to create a presentation in Google Drive. I also came across Zoho Presentation; again very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint this online software creates slide presentations. However, an extra feature is that you can import other presentations which were created using other tools (i.e. PowerPoint, Open Document Presentation and PDFs).

Although it seems like a good idea to use online presentation software in school, a major problem that I can see is that most of these require you to create an account. Students in primary school would not be able to do this, so maybe these tools would be better suited to high school students and teachers.