Even though our assignment 2 due date has been extended to Monday May 5th, I figured may as well finish it so I can move on to some of my other assignments. So if your reading this and thinking your behind, you still have another week so don’t stress!

Even though the essay seemed like it was quite simple to complete, there was so much that I could link to and talk about, that the task all of a sudden became difficult. Taking a different swing on the essay, instead of taking 2-3 specific examples and justifying them with supporting references. I took the main supporting references (i.e. Australian Curriculum, Melbourne Declaration, SAMR Model and the 5E’s) and then provided my unit plan ICTs as examples of how they were used to support the information from supporting references…It’s a bit hard to explain so here is an example. I talked about how the SAMR Model can be used to assess the quality of ICT use and then I provided examples of learning experiences from my unit plan which contained increasing quality of ICT use.

I hope this is all clear and maybe it might help you to write your essay. I just couldn’t get my head around how I would use my Pedagogical framework (the 5E’s) to justify my ICT use, if I was only focusing on 1 or 2 examples from my unit plan. I needed to be able to show the increase of quality with ICT use.