I loved the idea of using Flickr to create a collection of photos displaying the weather in different areas. Below is the photo I contributed to the EDC3100 week 9 learning path activity:



If you click on the photo it will take you to the Flickr page with contains my description.

I remember I always struggled to understand why it can be summer in Australia, but at the same its winter in other countries. This would be a great opportunity to lead students into exploring science concepts for example, understanding the earths rotations and angles in relation to the sun and how this affects the weather.

In order to collect photos from other countries that are not simply taken off Google Images, I would need to make connections with people who live in other countries. To begin with I would approach the parents or guardians of students and hope to make connections to family that may be living in other countries or who frequently travel. I would also attempt to use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with people living in other countries. Most importantly, I would also attempt to contact teachers from other countries via email, to set up a joint project between our classes.

This type of activity can have so many other applications, it could be used for geography to collect photos of historical sites or landmarks. It could also be used in history to collect photos of celebrations or commemorations…something I could have used in my second assignment.