In preparation for going on PRAC in two weeks, I decided to make a checklist, for what I need to do before I start, during and at the conclusion of my Professional Experience.

Before PRAC:

  • Read Professional Experience Booklets
  • What school am I going to?
  • Contact my mentor.
  • Visit the Classroom.
  • What ICTs are available?
  • What content could I be teaching?
  • Are there any public holidays?
  • Are there any school events or class excursions?
  • What ate the school policies?
  • What are the characteristics of the classroom context?

During PRAC:

  • Observe other teachers.
  • Create lesson plans using EDC3100 lesson planning template.
  • Discuss all lesson plans with mentor, prior to teaching.
  • Teach lessons which integrate ICTs.
  • Reflect on my lesson plans and teaching.
  • Gather feedback from my mentor and if possible other teachers.
  • Gather resources and evidence for portfolio.
  • Remind mentor to fill out weekly feedback forms.
  • Attend meetings, playground duty, etc…

PRAC Conclusion:

  • Remind mentor to enter a Pass/Fail Result into SONIA.
  • Remind mentor to complete Professional Experience Report or a Referee Statement
  • Ask mentor to sign EDC3100 ICT Statement

There are probably a million others things that could I have missed, but I think I have at least the necessities. I can’t wait to get out there again and teach! Time needs to go faster… However, I am starting to feel a little anxious, hearing that some people have found out there PRAC placement while others including me have not yet. While waiting to find out their PRAC placement, Kiera has blogged about “what make a great mentor teacher“. This has somewhat made me relax a little more. Hopefully I will be with a mentor who possess many of these qualities.