This is what I could remember from past experiences with writing lesson plans:

Context – What do the students already know? How do they learn (preferred learning styles)?

Resources – What resources are available to me? What will I need access to?

Pedagogy – Is there a whole school framework? What is the best way to teach this topic (i.e. inquiry, collaboration, direct instructions, a combination of these, etc…)?

Content – What am I teaching? What do students already know about this topic? Have backup lessons (simpler and extension). How have other teachers taught this topic? What are some possible activities?

Assessment – What is the learning outcome of the lesson? What is the overall goal that this lesson is working towards? What type of assessment will be at the end of the lesson or sequence of lessons?

Time – What is the time frame for this lesson?

Here are some further ideas I came across while going through the Week 9 Learning Path for EDC3100:

  • What are the learning objectives?
  • Which teaching strategies will best facilitate my students learning?
  • What are the strategies to check student understanding?
  • What are my student’s interests?
  • How will the lesson be introduced?
  • What will the teaching/learning activities for the lesson?
  • Could a substitute teacher teach from my lesson? Is it clear enough?
  • Is there time for students to reflect on what they have learnt?
  • What will follow this lesson?
  • What are my plans if the technology planned to use doesn’t work?
  • How have the ethical, privacy and other related issues been addressed?
  • How are the needs of all students being addressed?

In a way I think I have forgotten how much there is to consider when writing lesson plans. I have never really thought about it in this sort of format. Hopefully as well as assisting myself with lesson planning during PRAC, someone else may find this useful to.