I’m so glad these modules were put into this week’s learning path. Here is my certificate of completion just to prove I did do the work.

While working through the Connect.ed modules, I realised there was so much that I just wasn’t aware of or that I knew about, but had never considered ever having to teach it to students. Thinking about it I never remember being taught at school about safe practices while on the Internet, most of this came from my parents who consider themselves to be technology illiterate, which is really quite surprising. So Module 2 in particular for me, was very interesting as it focuses on the potential issues faced by students online.

One critical point I must raise here, is that some of the things in the modules were a bit outdated for example the survey in Module 1, however, overall I still thought it was all very relevant and a helpful resources.

I must say that in Module 4 the ‘Let’s Fight it Together’ Video was a big eye opener. For me it really just made it that much more of a priority to make sure students are aware of what can happen and the consequences of their actions in particular reference to cyberbullying. While creating my lesson plan as a part of Module 4 I came across Hector’s World which has a collection of videos aimed at lower primary students which targets personal information online. These videos are really good resources for exploring what students should do if they are asked to provide personal details online and so much more.

If you would like to find more resources about teaching about cybersafety, cyberbullying, etc.. Go to the Cybersmart home page here.

If you would like to read about how some other EDC3100 students went with these Connect.ed Module you can visit Renee’s blog post and Amy’s blog post. Renee’s experiences were very much similar to mine and Amy provides some points/ideas for how student’s can stay safe while using social media.