As a part of exploring my digital footprint in the learning path this week, I was prompted to “Take the lollipop”. I had no idea what it was about, but I opened up this website and clicked on the lollipop. As soon as I saw that it wanted my Facebook details, I decided no I’m not going to do that, I will watch the YouTube video instead.

I would just like to  thank my mum for all of the internet safety tips she constantly nags me about. Even though after reading the related blog post and finding out that it was just a project to make people aware of the dangers of sharing personal details over the internet, I’m still thankful and very proud of myself.

At the beginning I had this false sense of security because the link to “take the lollipop” was provided on our learning path which is a legitimate and safe website. For all I know the learning path could have been hacked and this website could have been a serious scam. It made me think of a couple of years ago when a large number of Hotmail accounts were hacked, including mine, and Hotmail was sending out apology emails by the 1000s. For me it just makes it that much more important to ensure, the students I teach are aware of the potential dangers of being active online and how they can avoid or reduce the risks of potential problems such as email hacking.

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