As odd as it may seem, for me this will be my first Professional Experience where I will be able to integrate the Interactive White Board (IWB) into my lessons. During my very first prac, I was not allowed to touch the IWB, in my second the interactive component of the board was broken and during my third prac my mentor couldn’t stay around before or after school to let me learn how to use it. So before I begin my prac next week I’m going to spend some time looking at what teachers have used interactive whiteboards for and I might even watch some YouTube videos to learn how to use them. Here is one video I have already come across which explains some of the basics of how to use an IWB and some of its software.

I also came across this video which shows some different activities you can use the Whiteboard for, especially for telling the time.

Probably what I see is the more important component of learning how to use a new ICT is physically manipulating it. So I’m hoping that when I begin prac next week I will be able to have some time to experiment and explore with the IWB in my classroom.

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