Here is a link to a set of instructions I have created to outline the steps to creating a column graph using Microsoft Excel, complete with pictures. These instructions can be added to create most if not all graph types presented in Microsoft Excel 2010.

I have created these instructions for my wonderful Year 5, 6 and 7 students, who I am currently on Professional Experience with. If everything works, my students will be accessing these instructions from this blog. Hopefully these instructions will also come in handy for not just the students I am teaching, but also for those who are following my blog. If I have missed anything or if there is an error in my process, please let me know.

I never knew how handy Microsoft excel could be and really its quite simple once you figure out the basics. With my new knowledge of creating graphs in Microsoft Excel, I think I would like to to repeat my Year 12 Maths B assignment, where I hand drew a massive line graph. Enjoy!