Although I am sad to have finished my professional experience for this semester, I must say it was nice to have a sleep in this morning. This prac has been one of the most challenging, as it was my first experience with a composite 5-7 class. In saying this, the behaviour was angelic which meant I could actually teach for the majority of my lessons without having to continuously manage behaviour, apart from the chatterboxes.

In terms of ICT integration, I had to get creative with only an interactive whiteboard (that wasn’t interactive) and three working computers (sometimes…). Due to the students completing assessments for the duration of my prac, I taught many mathematics lessons, revising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To make this less painful for the students, I got into the habit of beginning the lesson with some mental maths by playing a different online game with the students each lesson as a whole-class. I couldn’t believe how excited the students got and the depression which set in when they couldn’t practice division anymore because the internet stopped working…go figure.

Also to my excitement I got to begin teaching a new unit of Geography focusing on Natural Hazards and Disasters. Hopefully I left a lasting impression on the History and Geography teacher with my use of videos, websites and PowerPoints to guide student discussions and understandings of Cyclones and Floods. In my final week, my camera also became a life saver for one of my mentors, who was trying to teach a lesson with 5 copies of a book shared between 26 students. Yes I am fully aware of copyright laws and I assure you I deleted the photos immediately after the lesson, but obviously the lesson wasn’t going well. I will let you fill in the blanks there.

Overall, I was very happy with my prac, I had some ups and downs obviously with the ICTs, but it has been a great learning curve and as always there is room for improvement. While  reading some of the reflections of others including those of Alysha and Sophia, similar to their school contexts I remembered that prior to completing my prac I was wishing to have a placement somewhere with ICTs bulging out of the classroom doors. However, now that I have finished my prac, I am glad I did not have this luxury, it has pushed me to be creative and think out of the box and just further highlights the fact that some schools are still struggling to provide each classroom with a working interactive whiteboard, let alone a laptop or iPad for each student.